Ativan (Lorazepam) is an efficient peroral medicine that belongs to the class of the so called benzodiazepines, organic compounds whose molecule contains a ring of atoms of at least two elements used as a medicinal drug taken to reduce tension or anxiety in patients suffering from the following conditions:

    • neurosis,
    • psychopathy,
    • anxiety,
    • panic attacks,
    • sleep disorders
    • and sometimes alongside with epilepsy treatment medicines as a side drug.

Lorazepam, or generic Ativan, can also be used in other patients for the treatment of conditions as prescribed by the practicing physician.

Generic Ativan is a medicine widely used in pharmacological practice for regulating the balance of certain chemicals in the patient’s brain which further leads to the overall improvement of health condition.

These chemicals are generally responsible for the mood and tranquility, thus generic Ativan helps to prevent dramatic mood changes and sense of inexplicable uneasiness that normally signal about mental disorders of varied intensity.

Lorazepam is applied in patients of wide age range, which makes it almost irreplaceable when there is a need to fight the above mentioned disorders in children and older people.

The drug has a short list of pharmacological contraindication and physiological incompatibilities, which once again makes it very popular with the patients who cannot afford suffering adversity side effects in addition to their existing health shortcomings.

However, the drug should be used with extreme caution in patients with asthmatic conditions or are predisposed to allergies of various kinds, have renal or hepatic issues in their anamnesis as well as a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

Please inform your practitioner immediately before commencing Ativan therapy should you fall into any of the above mentioned group of patients.

While taking Lorazepam, keep in mind that you should stick to the check-up schedule to have the slightest changes in your condition monitored for the doctor to see if there is a need in dose adjustment for you and estimate your overall level of health.