Ativan is a medication used in medicine for treatment of various anxiety disorders and stress. Ativan belongs to sedative and is characterized by a wide action. Ativan helps to relax, restores normal sleep, relieves from stress and anxiety.

Ativan is used for a long time, therefore a drug has earned a great reputation and a very popular now. Earlier Ativan was used in anxiety treatment, but clinical drug investigations have expanded a drug action and now Ativan often treats various psychological disorders and epilepsy.

Ativan is approved by FDA of the USA and it is available practically worldwide. Safety of Ativan has been proved, therefore the drug is not restricted. It can be used and your healthy will be improved.

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How to use Ativan

Ativan should be taken under the doctor’s recommendations only. The self-treatment with Ativan can be dangerous and worsen your health. Consult the doctor and he will indicate the course of treatment, a dosage to you and give other recommendations.

The dosage is indicated to each patient individually, depending on his health state, so, you take a dose individually prescribed for your disease.

Ativan is used in treatment of many diseases of nervous system:

  • neurosis,
  • panic disorders,
  • phobias,
  • schizophrenia,
  • and sleeplessness.

Ativan can be used in treatment of mild depression, but under the doctor’s observance.

The recommended dosage for adults is

  • In neurotic conditions to 1,25—2.5mg a day
  • In mental disorders — on 5mg and over (up to 15mg) a day

This dosage can be increased or lowered by your doctor, depending on your organism response to the treatment. Follow the doctor’s recommendations. Don’t change a prescribed dose.

How does Ativan work

The treatment of diseases of nervous system is a difficult process, long and to be conducted only with tested and safe medications. Ativan is one of the best meds and is used in treatment of disorders for many years. Ativan is absolutely safe for a person, despite it works strongly and quickly. Within several days after the beginning of drug use you will see impressive results.

Ativan contacts the brain and acts on chemical elements which can lead to sleeplessness, spasms and disorders. Ativan inhibits and reduces action of some particles which affect emotional reaction. It helps to lower emotions, such as fear and excitement and to relieve from symptoms of disease.

Ativan can treat the patient even in serious disease of anxiety or disorders, therefore it is indicated around the whole world and popular very much.

Ativan Side Effects

Ativan may cause some side effects, but they are not adverse and usually quickly pass.

More often observed as

  • allergic reaction,
  • headache,
  • undue fatigability,
  • nausea,
  • constipation,
  • and rash.

Do not worry in case of any symptoms, after all side effects are supposed to pass soon. Consult the doctor if any.